Green Tea with Aloe Vera

Green Tea with Aloe Vera, formulated with the powerful antioxidants of Green Tea and soothing properties of Aloe Vera, makes it a perfect choice to use on delicate areas. The fresh crisp note of Green Tea soothes the senses.
White Tea with Zinc Oxide

White Tea with Zinc Oxide, designed for sensitive skin with the natural protective barrier of Zinc Oxide and the beneficial antioxidants of White Tea. The light sweet aroma of White Tea calms the mind.
Black Tea with Argan Oil

Black Tea with Argan Oil, developed with the incredibly nourishing essence of Argan Oil and the potent antioxidants of Black Tea, makes it ideal for the removal of coarse hair. The exotic blend of Black Tea and Argan Oil creates an intoxicating aroma and relaxing experience.
Ultra Sensitive Wax

A remarkable wax designed for ultra sensitive skin that helps protect against redness and irritation
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